Two friends, both alike in dignity, in fair Croydon, where we lay our scene, from the first theatre play they performed together to this podcast, where their desire to explore and chat meets their desire to KIKI! 

We are Anola C and Zakariya Adeel. 

And we welcome you to our Kiki in the Cronx!

Zakariya Adeel

Author, Astrologer & Performer.

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for coming by to learn a little something about me.  I'm a 39 years old, Kashmiri-Pakistani origin, British born and raised, gay guy from Croydon (CRONX), south London.  My wonderfully talented, intelligent and beautiful friend Anola and I would have these chats that I really enjoyed and somehow felt lighter afterwards.   Alternative voices like ours and uncommon experiences were not particularly available on the internet so we thought we'd make them available.  I hope you enjoy our podcast as much as we enjoyed making them.

Zak did a degree in writing and then trained for two years in Acting.  Currently represented by Julie Fox Associates, he performs in London and works as a professional Astrologer-Psychic.  His first book, "SECRETS OF THE COMBINED ASTROLOGY" was released in 2016 and he followed this up with 144 individual charts: "THE COMBINED ASTROLOGY SERIES" in 2017.   See www.zakariyaadeel.com for more information.

Anola C

Actor and Writer.

Anola trained at ALRA.  She was a co writer for the web series, "UNDIAGNOSED" and also played the part of Dee Dee in the show.

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